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Discover UEFA's Colovray Sports Centre

Discover UEFA's Colovray Sports Centre

The Olympic Capital is much more than the administrative centre of international sport. It is also a fertile ground for the development of sport and elite athletes. The Canton de Vaud has many sport infrastructures and projects managed by International Sport Federations (IFs). Amongst those, the Colovray Sport Centre, based in Nyon, contributes to the development of football since 1991.

The Canton de Vaud and the City of Lausanne want to provide IFs with the means to achieve their objectives. For any projects you may have in mind, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to get any support you may need.

What is the Colovray Sport Centre?
The Colovray Sport Centre is a sport complex located in Nyon and managed by UEFA since 2010. Inaugurated in 1991 and having a surface of more than 10 hectares, the centre is of capital importance for UEFA who uses it to host many courses and events as part of their many development programmes. The centre is also used by the sports clubs of the City of Nyon who use the facilities for their training sessions and championship matches, benefiting from the gorgeous landscapes offered by Lake Geneva. Mostly dedicated to football, rugby and athletics, the Colovray Sport Centre has 6 football pitches (4 with natural grass, and 2 with synthetic surfaces) and one rugby pitch. A 400m certified athletics track allows for the organisation of national athletics competitions. A basketball/multisport court and a fitness centre are also part of the centre.

How have UEFA and the City of Nyon been collaborating for the management of the Colovray Sport Centre?
The management of the Colovray Sport Centre was transferred by the City of Nyon to UEFA in April, 2010. A lease of 49 years was signed between both parties according to which UEFA is now responsible for the planning, use, administration, maintenance and development of the facilities.

UEFA also agreed to allow for the access to and use of the facilities by local sports clubs and the population, on top of using it for its own activities.

How does UEFA benefit from using the Colovray Sport Centre?
The proximity of the Colovray Sport Centre to its headquarters allows UEFA to organise various activities in an innovative setting. Amongst these activities, UEFA runs many development programmes in the centre such as its CORE Refereeing Academy. As part of this programme, UEFA’s member federations are invited to send one referee or two assistant referees to Nyon to follow a 10-day introduction training, followed by a 8-day consolidation course a few months later. Since 2010, more than 500 referees came to Nyon to follow this training. UEFA also organises many matches at the Colovray Sport Centre such as the final rounds of the UEFA Youth League, the UEFA Women’s under 17 League as well as the WU15 Youth Olympic Qualifiers – Europe.

What are interesting anecdotes you can share with us about the prestigious clubs and athletes that have trained at the Colovray Sport Centre over the years?
Over the course of the past few years, the Colovray Sport Centre hosted many national football teams for training sessions, including Brazil’s team and all its star players. Other national teams and clubs have also trained on the facilities. Other football legends and former players often travel to Nyon as part of events organised at the UEFA Headquarters and inspire the young generations of footballers. This is a great pride for UEFA and proves the quality of the centre’s facilities.

In which way is the success of the Colovray Sport Centre linked to its establishment in the Olympic Capital?
UEFA’s headquarters and the Colovray Sport Centre facilities are ideally located in Nyon, with close proximity to both Geneva Airport and the Olympic Capital. Because of this ideal location at the core of the international sports world, many synergies are possible with other sport organisations. There are also many opportunities to learn from other peer organisations. This allows us to continuously surpass ourselves to ensure our development programmes and facilities, including the Colovray Sport Centre, are operated in accordance with the best standards available.

Facilities open to the public

The Colovray Sports Centre offers the following first-class sports and non-sporting facilities that are open to the public:
  • 400-metre synthetic athletics track
  • Basketball courts
  • Multi-sports infrastructures
  • Locker rooms


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