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Discover the World Archery Excellence Centre

Discover the World Archery Excellence Centre

The Olympic Capital is much more than the administrative centre of international sport. It is also a fertile ground for the development of sport and elite athletes. The Canton de Vaud has many sport infrastructures and projects managed by International Sport Federations (IFs). Amongst those, the World Archery Excellence Centre, based in Lausanne, contributes to the development of archery worldwide.

The Canton de Vaud and the City of Lausanne want to provide IFs with the means to achieve their objectives. For any projects you may have in mind, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to get any support you may need.

What is the World Archery Excellence Centre?
The World Archery Excellence Centre is an elite performance and grassroots development hub for the sport of archery. From the Olympic Capital, it will coordinate the growth of the sport through the education of athletes, coaches and officials, and the delivery of programmes both internationally and domestically.

As well as hosting elite and recreational archery athletes, judges and coaches for training camps, seminars, courses and conferences, it will also be a multi-sport venue offering activities to the communities of Lausanne and the Canton of Vaud.

The community of Lausanne can look forward to a place to celebrate sporting excellence and activity, with programmes for young people and adults of the region, and international archers accessing world-class facilities and equipment.

Why did World Archery decide to establish it in the Olympic Capital?
The foundation of an international archery centre in Lausanne was a long-time dream of World Archery Honorary President James Easton, who served as World Archery President from 1989 to 2005 and was also a Vice President of the International Olympic Committee.

Under the leadership of current World Archery President Prof Dr Ugur Erdener, who succeeded Mr Easton in the position, the idea for the World Archery Excellence Centre began to take shape in 2009. After five years of planning, ground was broken at the chosen site, in the north of the Olympic Capital, in late 2014. It is fully operational since December 2016.

What type of support did World Archery receive from the Olympic Capital team in this project?
The World Archery Centre and the World Archery Federation received support in finding the right place, assistance in the preparation of the project in terms of change of the land’s urban planning, help in the preparation of the building permit as well as advising in how to complete all the administrative procedures needed. The team was of great help in all of these areas and was very competent. The City of Lausanne’s support was critical in securing the land for the Centre.

Who did you partner with to finance the construction of the centre?
The World Archery Excellence Centre is supported by numerous partners, including the Canton of Vaud, Vaud Sports Foundation and the City of Lausanne, SporToto and the Easton Foundations.

What are the objectives of the World Archery Excellence Centre?
  • Become a hub for archery excellence and activity for athletes, coaches, judges and officials.
  • Gives everybody the opportunity to make the important Olympic sport of archery their activity of choice.
  • Host the elite athletes and teams looking to make the leap at international competition, with aspirations of success at major events like the Olympic Games.
  • Provide value to all levels of the community of the City of Lausanne, Canton of Vaud and its surroundings.
  • Impact on countless numbers of people and inspire them to participate in sport.

  • Facilities open to the public

    All facilities at the World Archery Excellence Centre are available for bookings by private individuals and organisations. Rates are offered on application.

    The 6,200m2 site includes the following facilities: